CT-TACF Begins Backcross Breeding Program in Enfield and Woodbridge

On June 11, CT-TACF met at White Memorial Foundation in Litchfield. Dr. Philip Arnold, Dr. Robert Gregg and Town Selectman Joe Callistro, active also in the Woodbridge Land Trust, shared their plans to work with Dr. Charlotte Zampini of MATACF to pollinate two 8-9 inch DBH, 40 foot tall trees in Woodbridge. Last summer I […]

Connecticut Orchard Road Trip with Sara Fitzsimmons

White Memorial (WM) has been the focus of Chestnut Hybrid since Arthur Graves established a planting in 1944. That original plantation was extended by Hans Nienstadt in 1953. This site was a source of F1 pollen from the early 1990s for the ACF, from which great grandchildren (B3s) are now in Meadowview. There are also […]