Dr. Anagnostakis on NPR's "Living on Earth"

“The American Chestnut tree once covered more than a quarter of the eastern woodlands from Michigan to Maine, and down into Georgia. But more than a century ago, a lethal fungus began killing off the great trees. Three and a half billion trees died. But they may be coming back.”So reports Diane Toomey on Living […]

Volunteerism, Opportunities to Get Involved

One of the questions often heard when talking about the American chestnut is ?I like what the Chestnut Foundation is doing ? how can I be involved? How can I help?? Realizing the CT organization works exclusively through the volunteer work of people just like you is an important first step. Every one of us […]

Connecticut Forest Forum

Helene Flounders, Connecticut DEP Forester and Planning Coordinator for the Connecticut Statewide Forest Resource Plan, called to remind us of the upcoming meeting of the Connecticut Forest Forum on November 30th at the University of Connecticut Greater Hartford Campus in West Hartford. This program is newly developed and released and includes the State DEP as […]