Lecture on Restoring the American chestnut

(This lecture date has passed) All but eliminated from New England forests by the chestnut blight of 1908-13, the stately American Chestnut is making a comeback thanks to a cross-breeding program that soon hopes to produce blight-resistant trees. In a Pequot Museum talk/discussion plant scientist Sandra Anagnostakis of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station explains this […]

A Brief Summary of Chestnut Canker Biocontrol

By Timothy McKechnie Since the Connecticut chapter would like to preserve mother trees long enough for breeding purposes, there has been some interest in biocontrol. Most people in TACF, especially Connecticut (home of Dr. Anagnostakis) are familiar with three forms of biocontrol: viral hypovirulence (hypovirulence means “lowered virulence”), genetically engineered hypovirulence, and mudpacking. Hypovirulence Using […]

Field Trip – the Graves Tree

By Sara Fitzsimmons In mid-November of 2005, I had the pleasure of visiting the Connecticut Chapter and presenting at their Annual Meeting. Being sponsored by Yale, most specifically the School of Forestry and Environmental Resources, the meeting was held in New Haven, CT. As some of you already know, the longest ongoing breeding program for […]