Final IRS Determination

Good news for the Connecticut Chapter! On December 7th, the Internal Revenue Service completed our review, and reclassified us as a public charity. Reading from their letter, “Based on information you submitted, our letter dated APRIL 1997 in which you were presumed to be a private foundation is hereby superseded. You are classified as a […]

Contact Your Representative

I recently read the below letter from Louis A. Magnarelli, the Director of the CT Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) describing concerns about funding. There is a general concern that President Bush's 2006 budget recommends changing or disbanding the Hatch and McIntire Stennis formula funds program. This could be disastrous for CAES, and especially the important […]

Chestnut Allelopathy

By James Egenrieder [reprinted with permission] There was a short but very interesting interview on NPR (public radio) on November 8, 2005 that quickly caught my attention. This interview was part of the daily All Things Considered program; the interviewee was botanist Erik Nilsen and the interviewer was John Nielson. The interview was titled Autumn […]