Nearly Extinct American Chestnut Trees Brought to Life …

…on the Grounds of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History It once graced eastern forests from Maine to Georgia and its beauty and strength were legendary. Its nuts fed forest wildlife and became a cash crop for many of the families living in the Appalachian Mountains. But that was before the blight – a […]

Vegetative Propagation and Grafting

A few months ago I saw this response to a readers question about vegetative propagation by Hill Craddock at the University of Tennessee, which I reproduce here with his permission. As a detailed decription of his experiences I thought it a valuable resource that should get greater distribution. If you have experience with vegetative propagation […]

Low Tech Irrigation

As we developed plans for several of our research orchards in CT, one of the missing links in our infrastructure were flexible systems for irrigation and delivery of fertilizer. E-mails to the various nut grower forums and Chapter mailng lists returned a wealth of information. Not surprising, much of it with strong opinions and even […]