Asian Ambrosia Beetle

Discussion on an interesting pest popped up on the Chestnut (TACF) Growers List this past week. We're fortunate not to have seen this pest (yet) here in Connecticut. Hill Craddock of Hamilton County Tennessee describes it as “by far the most damaging pest in (his) orchard.” Hill goes on to say Although we have only […]

Take a Hike

Stamford Museum & Nature Center continued their special partnership with the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) during “Take a Hike” week. On Wednesday, April 19, TACF volunteers and Nature Center Staff helped plant new American chestnut seedlings in a research grove at the Nature Center. The research grove was established in 2004, to help nurture the […]

Notable Trees

Trees have a special meaning for people; trees are providers of food, inspiration and materials for art and architecture, as well as providers of renewable fuel. Trees are not only symbolic of our relationship with nature, but symbolic of our reliance on nature for existence. Perhaps for this reason man holds trees in a special […]