Northern CT Land Trust Swann Farm Orchard Report

In the spring of 2007, the Northern Connecticut Land Trust (NCLT) established a chestnut orchard at their Swann Farm property on Reeves Road in Ellington, CT. An enthusiastic group of 20 volunteers prepared the soil, erected a 1,100 foot deer fence, and planted 230 chestnuts on two beautiful Saturdays in April. Swann Farm Orchard Entrance. […]

Woodbridge Orchard Update

The Woodbridge orchard is now 4 years from conception, 3 years since ground preparation and the pollination of the local American chestnut (the Calistro tree), 2 years since the first 168 nut planting, 1 year since the second planting (Manchester tree nuts). Our Calistro backcross trees are now just under 4 feet tall! Calistro seedlings […]

Farming for Biodiversity, or, Chestnuts in My Meadow

Written by David Bingham, MD, Salem CT [click for larger photo] Bluebirds thrive in the protected environment of the fenced orchard. Photographer Hank Golet For years, I have been working to expand the biodiversity of my back yard to restore some of the balance of nature we humans have upset over the centuries. Some wags […]