Asian Longhorned Beetle sighting confirmed in Mass

From UMass Extension: Asian Longhorned Beetle found in Massachusetts

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) has been positively identified in an infestation in the Greendale section (northeast sector) of Worcester, MA. Personnel from the USDA PPQ and Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) inspected the site on Saturday August 2, 2008 and discovered the infestation. The inspection was prompted by the keen observations and persistence of a local resident who suspected the presence of this exotic invader. Asian Long-Horned Beetle

Positive verification occurred on Tuesday (8/5/08) from the authority at the USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory in Beltsville, MD. The USDA APHIS and Forest Service, MDCR and MDAR have been meeting frequently with Worcester City officials to formulate the plan for the management and eradication of this pest population. A press conference was held in Worcester late Wednesday (8/6/08) to announce the find. As result of the detection, portions of Worcester and portions of the towns of Shrewsbury, Boylston, West Boylston, and Holden are now a regulated area for the movement of woody plant material. A Federal Order will be issued soon that parallels the state regulated area. As part of the process of eradicating the ALB from Worcester, the movement of woody debris, lumber, firewood, and nursery stock that could host ALB infestations will need to be contained. This will keep the beetle from moving via human transport.

Companies that work with host material will be contacted by officials. Only cursory surveys have been conducted thus far and the exact area regulated would change if more infested trees are found. Organized and thorough survey work will begin soon. The estimation, right now at least, for how long this beetle may have been active at this location is thought to be 5 years given its
range and visible damage. Affected trees will be cut down and either chipped or burned in the regulated area. This will not begin until after the first hard frost kills any remaining adult beetles. To take trees down before the hard frost risks spreading the infestation. This is a sound practice, as adult beetles tend to stay on the same tree unless that tree is severely

Once the exact details of the federal quarantine are published a link will appear at this web site ( UMass Extension will remain on the forefront for the dissemination of information as it becomes available. MDAR will continue to respond to any reports of suspected new findings and the City of Worcester has set up a 'Hotline FAQ' , see below:

Resources for Asian Longhorned Beetle Information in Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) Report ALB sightings at:
    or call 617-626-1779 (Pest Alert Hotline)

  • City of Worcester: Office of the City Manager 508-929-1300
  • UMass Extension
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