2009 Annual Meeting

This is a reminder to mark Saturday March 14th on your calendar for the annual meeting of the CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation. The meeting will be held in Guilford, CT. The program is free for both members and non-members, as is lunch for those who advance register. To advance register simply call, […]

Capturing Connecticut’s American chestnut Genes

By Gayle Kida Although there are currently thousands of small native American chestnut (Castanea dentata) sprouts in the understory of Connecticut's forests, only a rare few escape or survive blight long enough to grow to flowering size. Fewer still are located in or next to a clearing or canopy opening to receive sufficient sunshine to […]

Strategic Vision

The Annual Meeting on March 14th features an excellent program with Prof. Fenny Dane as our keynote speaker, and excellent presentations by TACF Science Coordinators Sara Fitzsimmons and Kendra Gurney. If terrestrial ecology, species restoration, or simply the American chestnut interest you – please get this on your calendar and plan on joining us. We […]