Web-site Redesign and Publication of Spring 2009 Newsletter

The Spring 2009 Newsletter is at the printers and will be headed to the letter-shop for mailing any day now I am assured. We had a slight mixup with mailing related to the status of our non-profit bulk mail authorization. This required a last minute indicia change. We'll be looking to e-mail as many members as possible to advise about any time-sensitive spring issues.

A pdf version of the newsletter is available on-line [600 kb] or via the Newsletters page via the drop down above, as shown in the screen shot below (red arrow).

If you are a regular visitor, you may have noticed some subtle changes to the web-site. We've created a navigation designed with the intent to appeal to the frequent visitor as well as the first-time user. We also hope it will please the search engines. All your old links and functionality should have remained the same. Hopefully, this should just provide you with a better user experience. The goal was to make it faster for you to find what you seek, and improve our ability to communicate what we're doing. The web-site still leverages Ray Camden's blog cfc engine to provide a slew of features (rss, comments, trackback, search, stats, form content and properties management) that would have been resource intensive to create on our own. Thank you Ray!

Please feel free to provide input on ways we can improve the site to serve you better.

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Bill Adamsen

Bill Adamsen

Bill Adamsen is a member of the CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) Board of Directors. He served as Chapter President for eight years.

Bill Adamsen

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