Maps Showing Where You Might Find Chestnut in Litchfield

We've completed our predictive model for finding American chestnut trees in Litchfield County and now need your help determining whether this model works! Do you live in or visit Litchfield County? Print out one of these maps and tell us if you find an American chestnut tree while driving through one of the identified hot-spots. […]

Chestnut Pollination Season

by Bill Adamsen Achieving the goals set out in our regional adaptation program require finding native American chestnuts and capturing their genes. We do this by finding American chestnut that can be … a) validated as being pure American chestnut b) cooperate by flowering c) are accessible trees with accessible (bucket truck, ladder) flowers d) […]

Hunting the Elusive Flowering Chestnut

by Christine Cadigan After a day of testing the hypothesis suggested in A Needle in a Haystack, I think our geospatial predictor hypothesis for chestnut may have merit. Those of you who read the article will recall that we used soil type, road proximity, sun aspect and other criteria to hypothesize a prediction model for […]