Annual Report of CT Chapter Operations

By Bill Adamsen Director of The American Chestnut Foundation President, CT Chapter TACF Wilton, CT

Mt. Riga Chestnuts

By Ellery Woods Sinclair Member of the Board of Directors CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation This past spring Christine Cadigan, the chapter's intern through a Duke University grant, and I scouted Salisbury's Mount Riga to find an accessible mother tree. I knew that Riga had an abundance of chestnut trees, especially root sprouts. […]

Connecticut Forests in a Changing World ? from Global to Local

So is titled Connecticut's fifth Statewide Forest Forum. Be sure to look at the agenda and list of speakers – there's not a session you'd want to miss. Hope to see you there! The 5th annual Connecticut Statewide Forest Forum will be held on Tuesday, November 24 at the University of Connecticut Rome Ballroom in […]