TACF Regional Science Coordinator – Mid-Atlantic Regional

American Chestnut Foundation seeks Mid-Atlantic Regional Science Coordinator

The American Chestnut Foundation is seeking a Regional Science Coordinator, which supports the science-related activities of TACF chapters in MD, VA, and WV and cooperates and participates with the other regional science coordinators and with the chief scientist of TACF. The coordinator supports and advises on chapter breeding programs following accepted breeding-program protocol, including such activities as pollinating, seed collecting, harvesting, storing seeds, selecting planting sites, planning plantings, distributing seeds, directing the planting and maintenance of chestnut trees, inoculating and selecting trees, and record keeping. DUTIES

1. Provide science, breeding, orchard management information, advice and assistance to the chapters in accordance with TACF breeding program protocol and principles of good tree care:

a. Review and direct chapter plantings and collection of required data on survival and growth rates and condition of trees, and update orchard databases and maps.

b. Review records of orchard management practices including fertilization, watering, weed control, pest control, and environmental effects on the orchard. Answer questions and recommend improved management practices when needed.

c. Recommend next steps for each orchard depending on season, age and size of trees, and purpose for the planting.

d. Facilitate collaborations with groups and individuals for chapter activities, including, for example, establishing new orchards, organizing members and volunteers for work details, developing newsletters, and setting up meetings.

e. Attend and present talks at chapter meetings.

f. Train chapter members and others on chestnut planting, tree management, tree identification and other related topics and make presentations to outside groups, including schoolchildren and adults.

2. Stay abreast of advances in chestnut research through professional journals, attend TACF board, cabinet, committee, and appropriate science meetings and confer with TACF and associated scientists.

3. Communicate regularly with other TACF staff and Chapter Presidents, Regional Science Coordinators, and chapter members to facilitate goals, strategic plans, fundraising efforts, etc.

4. Prepare annual reports on the status of the region's chapter breeding programs for presentation to theTACF board and in TACF publications. Assist in editing or review of TACF publications as requested.

5. Write and develop grants to support projects and other chapter activities.

6. Work with chapters to establish and maintain Restoration Branches and restoration plantings.

7. Promote the work and accomplishments of the state chapters and of TACF.


1.n Degree in biological sciences, environmental sciences, forestry, or equivalent; an M.S. or PhD is preferred.

2. Managerial and/or professional experience related to the duties and responsibilities of the position.

3. Ability to write clearly on matters of scientific, technical, and administrative nature, as demonstrated by written or published articles or presentations.

4. Ability to present technical information to a variety of audiences, as demonstrated by successfully making such presentations and by being invited by organizations to give such presentations.

5. Knowledge and ability in computer-based spreadsheets, databases, GPS systems, presentation software, reporting systems and other appropriate software programs.

6. Knowledge of the principles, concepts, and methodologies in the field of biological sciences, particularly genetics.

7. Knowledge and ability to use standard guides such as county soils maps, weather, etc.

8. Experience in tree-orchard operation and management is preferred.

Candidates should send cover letter and resume to:
Bryan J. Burhans, President & CEO
The American Chestnut Foundation
160 Zillicoa Street, Suite D
Asheville, NC 28803

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Bill Adamsen

Bill Adamsen is a member of the CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) Board of Directors. He served as Chapter President for eight years.

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