Flowering Season is Now!

Yellow Warbler perched high in an American chestnut during flowering season

The showy flowers of the chestnut attracts pollinators galore, a feast for birds.

Flowering Season in CT

High summer is chestnut flowering season. Chestnut is one of the last of the northeastern native hardwoods to flower each year. If you’d like to see a chestnut in flower, now is the time. American chestnut flowering can easily be viewed at any of our orchard sites in Connecticut.

Gallery of Flowering Chestnuts

Visit the gallery of spring photos for a view of some spectacular photos from our Backcross research Orchards across Connecticut.

Where to Find Flowering Chestnuts

Reports are coming in from all over Connecticut that the Backcross Orchards are in various states of flowering. David Bingham sent this wonderful photo of a Yellow Warbler. The Warbler has found a perfect perch atop his flowering native American chestnut. A display of Americana sure to move everyone.

Why are Flowering Chestnuts Important?

Flowers attract pollinators which serve as a great food source for the insectivorous birds. Hence attracting this Warbler. The trees also provide habitat and food for large numbers of caterpillars and other larvae. Sometimes referred to as the “hamburger of the forest” this is a valuable source of protein for birds and mammals. We always think about how a tree’s fruit (nuts) provide food for animals. We often forget that what the tree attracts in the form of insect larvae may be a more timely and important source of food.

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Bill Adamsen

Bill Adamsen

Bill Adamsen is a member of the CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) Board of Directors. He served as Chapter President for eight years.

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