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Middletown Backcross Orchard Tour

The CT Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation will be holding an Open Orchard at the Middletown Higby Reservoir Backcross Orchard on Saturday, July 8 Read More

2017 Chapter Annual Meeting

Saturday – April 22nd

2017 Annual Meeting | April 22nd | 9:30am | CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation®
CT Forest & Parks Goodwin Center, 16 Meriden Road, Rockfall | Speaker: Lisa Thomson

rsvp: Jane Harris ( or 860.344.8348)

Guest Speaker: Lisa Thomson, Executive Director of The American Chestnut Foundation
Topic: The continuing science of American chestnut restoration efforts around the country and some of the
more recent work in establishment of seed orchards such as those we are establishing here in Connecticut.

2017 Report of the CT-TACF Nominating Committee

CT-TACF Nominating Committee members Woods Sinclair, Bill Adamsen and John Baker are recommending the following slate of candidates for Board membership and for Chapter Officers:

Nominees for Board Membership:

Nine current Board members have expiring terms and eight have agreed to serve for another two years with terms ending in 2019: Bill Adamsen, Christian Allyn, John Blossom, Star Childs, Matt Freund, Jane Harris, Dr. Jack Ostroff, E. Woods Sinclair.

One additional candidate has been identified and has agreed that his name can be added to the nominating slate: Jack Swatt from Wolcott. Please find his short biography below.

Nominees for Officers:

The current officers have agreed to stand for re-election and the nominating committee presents the following slate of officers for re-election, each to a one-year term ending in 2018:
President – Star Childs
Vice-President – Jack Ostroff
Treasurer – Jim Gage
Secretary – Jane Harris

Respectfully submitted,
John C. Baker, Chair on behalf of the CT-TACF Nominating Committee

Biography of Jack Swatt nominated for election to the Board at the Annual Meeting on April 22, 2017.

Jack Swatt has been a member of The American Chestnut Foundation since 1993. He received a B.S. in Biological Sciences from UConn in 1983, an M.S. in Chemistry from CCSU in 1992 and graduated from the Albany Medical College Physician Assistant Program in 1996. He currently is employed by The Hospital of Central Connecticut as a Physician Assistant in Hospitalist Medicine. Jack has planted several Restoration Chestnuts on his property in Wolcott, CT and monitors several native American Chestnut trees found in Naugatuck State Forest. He is also an active volunteer for the Wolcott Fire Dept. Co. #2, CT DEEP (monitoring wintering eagles and Whip-poor-wills), CT Audubon, Audubon CT, the Loon Preservation Committee and the Society to Protect New Hampshire Forests (aka the Forest Society).

John and Janet Baker
52 Headquarters Road
Litchfield, CT 06759-2114

A Tree Grows In Salem

“They’re the perfect food,” says David Bingham referring to the American chestnut. Read More

Nominating Committee – 2016 Report

CT-TACF Nominating Committee members John Baker (Chair), Woods Sinclair and Bill Adamsen are recommending the following slate of candidates for Board membership and for Chapter Officers:

Nominees for Board membership
Under the revised bylaws, as many as 10 Board members can be elected each year.

Seven current Board members have terms expiring, all have agreed to serve for another two years with terms ending 2018 with election of new Board Members. Jim Gage, John Baker, Dr. Phil Arnold, Dr. David Bingham, Garrett Smith, Susan Kelsey, and Dr. Bert Malkus.

Nominees for Officers
All current officers have agreed to run for re-election and serve on the executive committee. Star Childs as President. Vice-President is Jack Ostroff with Jim Gage returning as Treasurer and Jane Harris as Secretary.

Respectfully submitted,
John Baker, Chairperson, on behalf of the CT-TACF Nominating Committee.

2016 Annual Meeting

The CT Stormwise Program is the topic of our 2016 Annual Meeting Read More

Spring Gallery

Flowering Chestnut Mother Tree

Chestnuts typically flower in late June or early July … with the Chinese chestnut flowering a week or so earlier than the American chestnut, and those further north slightly delayed from the flowering of those further south or along the coast. Chestnut flowering is a magnificent event from a visual, fragrance and food perspective. If you stand under a flowering chestnut you can actually hear the buzz of pollinators in the canopy above. What it must have been like a hundred years ago when the entire forest canopy appeared white with chestnut flowers. The amount of food for pollinators and those that prey on pollinators is astounding. Little surprise that scenes such as the warbler in the tree top, or the nest of robins would be commonly associated with chestnut.

Please enjoy these terrific photographs of the early flowering from some of our backcross orchards in Ellington, Litchfield, Middletown, Woodbridge, Salem, Falls Village and Guilford.


Flowering Season is Now!

Yellow Warbler perched high in an American chestnut during flowering season

The showy flowers of the chestnut attracts pollinators galore, a feast for birds. Read More

Restoration Nuts Planted at Middlesex Community College

The weekend of May 16th, CT Chapter Board Member Jane Harris worked with students from the Student Environmental Association for Sustainability (SEAS), and their adviser, Dr. Christine Witkowski, to plant four of the B3F3 nuts she’d been sent from the TACF Meadowview Research Farm.
The trees are along the trail (at the edge of a mowed lawn) the students have been clearing for the past couple of years.