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Priviledges of Membership

The American Chestnut Foundation depends primarily upon its members to support research to develop a blight-resistant American chestnut tree.

Over 5,000 members nationwide, and 250 in the State of Connecticut are helping to bring this important tree back from the brink of extinction.

As a member you will . . .

  • help ensure the future health of the eastern American forest ecosystem
  • receive our quarterly newsletter, The Bark, to keep in touch with membership and staff
  • be a member of a state chapter if you live in AL, CT, GA, IN, KY, MD, ME, NC, SC, NY, OH, PA, TN
  • be invited to attend TACF national and chapter meetings to learn about local projects and meet scientists working on chestnut research
  • be welcome to visit, tour, and/or volunteer on our research
    farms in Meadowview, Virginia

  • have access to expert advice on growing chestnuts
  • receive our bi-annual scientific publication, The Journal of The American Chestnut Foundation, for updates on the progress of chestnut research

    Click here to join TACF or renew your membership online. Click here to print out a form that you can complete and mail in.


Important Note

This page has been superseded by new pages on the site, and will no longer be updated. Please visit these pages to review the appropriate documents.

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In addition, documents related to Chestnut research or cultivation would have moved to those pages related specifically to those topics.

Thank you! We apologize for any inconvenience.

Officers and Directors

CT State Chapter Officers

for the list of Officers and Directors in the state, click on the “more” link to the right … or click here for the current Organization Chart

Executive Committee

Bill Adamsen – President
bill.adamsen 'at' gmail 'dot' com
tel: 203.210.7296
Term expires 2008

Michael McGee – Vice President
mikemcgee 'at' comcast 'dot' net
Term expires 2008

Jim Gage – Treasurer
jameswgage 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net
Term expires 2009

Dr. Philip Arnold – Secretary
arnold_philip_dr 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net
Term expires 2009


Dr. Robert Gregg
drbob007 'at' att 'dot' com
Term expires 2009

Dr. David Bingham
dbbingham 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net
Term expires 2009

John P. Anderson
johnanderson7440 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net
Director of the Aton Forest

Term expires 2008

Ellery Woods Sinclair
wml61 'at' comcast 'dot' net
Falls Village
Term expires 2008

Gayle Kida
Gayle7258 'at' myway 'dot' com
Term expires 2008

Garrett Smith
roarpine 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net
Term expires 2009

Will Kies
wkies 'at' stamfordmuseum 'dot' org
Term expires 2008

Dr. Jennifer Allcock
jallcock 'at' worldnet 'dot' att 'dot' net
Term expires 2009

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of the CT Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation is to restore a blight-resistant American chestnut (Castenea dentata) to the forests of Connecticut.

To accomplish this we've assisted the National Foundation with significant contributions toward the acquisition of Farms and capital equipment, we support the National Foundation with local pollination and propagation efforts, and we support the scientific efforts of the National Organization. We are in the process of developing a Ten Year Strategic Plan to focus and guide our mission. The plan fully outlines the program goals, and defines and prioritizes tasks, to help us achieve those goals. We welcome input from our membership in developing the plan.

Use this link to contact the American Chestnut Foundation directly.

The CT Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation is a fully recognized 501(c)(3) organization operating under a Charter from the State of Connecticut. For more information, see the document repository for documents relative to Federal and State Filings.

President Bush Plants a TACF Chestnut Tree at White House in Honor of Arbor Day

April 29, 2005 – President Bush, Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, and TACF President & CEO Marshal Case at the Arbor Day Ceremony.

Not only was this a wonderful day for chestnut, it was a wonderful day for the environment — in the same week, the ivory billed woodpecker, a bird that once benefited from chestnut trees, was discovered in Arkansas, and removed from the extinct species list. My hopes are that the chestnut, and the ivory billed woodpecker, will once again become strong species
rather than rare sights
Marshal Case, President and CEO of The American Chestnut Foundation

For more information see the full article.