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Siting Seed Orchards

We need new locations for seed-orchards, and we’re looking for partners. Read More

Why is Chestnut Important?

What makes American chestnut so special?
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How Can I Contribute?

It is easier than you might think to make a contribution!
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Saturday April 19th we’ll be hosting the annual meeting of the CT Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation at Bowers Auditorium, Sage Hall, Yale University in New Haven, CT. We have interesting presenters and a fantastic venue – and hope you’ll mark you calendar and join us. Should you decide to join, Please RSVP by calling Kendra Gurney at 802.999.8706 or sending her an e-mail at Read More

Rod Longley, Litchfield Resident and Longtime Foundation Supporter Passes Away

Rod Longley – Litchfield resident and Longtime Foundation Supporter – Passes Away

Founding American Chestnut Foundation “Connecticut Chapter” member and Litchfield resident Rod Longley, passed away October 18th, his 95th birthday. Read More

New Seed Orchards

What is a TACF Seed Orchard?

A TACF seed orchard represents one of the final generations of breeding in TACF’s current breeding program. It’s the next step for the offspring of resistant trees identified in the Chapter’s Backcross Breeding Orchards. Read More

Importance of American chestnut

Grey Tree Frog in American Chestnut Tree

Why is the chestnut so important? (A gray tree frog – Hyla vericolor – nestles in the branch of a young American chestnut)
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American chestnuts in a National Park!

American chestnuts in a National Park!

You're thinking, “must be Shenandoah, Blue Ridge, Great Smoky Mountains …” but what if you were told it's Weir Farm in suburban Connecticut! Read More